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Hindustan Chemicals

Hindustan Chemicals offers high quality Insulator that are widely ordered by worldwide buyers and industries at large. They provide cost effective solutions and promise you a long and safe product life

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The Plant
Production Process :
         The important stage in the manufacture of porcelain Insulators are :
  • Wet grinding of raw materials to slurry form
  • Filter pressing to de-water the slurry
  • Vacuum Extrusion to provide plastic clay
  • Shaping by pressing or turning
  • Drying to remove absorbed water
  • Firing to convert the raw material mixture to strong and vitreous porcelain
  • Assembly, which involves fitting terminations to the porcelain shapes, so that they become insulators.
  • Testing, which implies a series of mechanical and electrical tests to ensure the technical integrity of the products
Raw Material :
          These materials mainly comprise of Feldspar, Quartz, Alumina, China Clay, Than Clay & Rajmahal . Raw materials are received in crushed condition from H.C affiliated suppliers. Checks are carried out for chemical properties before acceptance. Strict quality controls are imposed right at this stage to ensure quality of final product.
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