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Hindustan Chemicals

Hindustan Chemicals offers high quality Insulator that are widely ordered by worldwide buyers and industries at large. They provide cost effective solutions and promise you a long and safe product life

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Testing Facilities
Our Testing Facilities : We have testing facilities in our works.
  • Porosity Test.
  • Hydraulic Proof load test on Disc Shell.
  • Power Frequency Flashover Test.
  • Mechanical Failing Load Test.
  • Combined Electro-mechanical failing Load Test.
  • Time Load Test.
  • Impact Load Test
  • Power Frequency Test.
  • Puncture Test.
  • Galvanizing Test.
  • Radial and Axial run out Test on Disc Insulators.
  • Hardness Test.
  • Artificial Rain Test.
  • Dark Room facilities for corona Test.
Our Testing Equipment : We have all equipment for Electrical & Mechanical testing our works.
  • 150 KV High Voltage Transformer.
  • 300 KV High Voltage Transformer.
  • 200 KN. Universal Testing Machine.
  • Electronic Thickness gauge and Inconel Meter.
  • Radial & Axial run out machine for Disc Insulator.
  • Impact Test Equipment.
  • Mechanical Routine Test Machine.
  • Magnaflux Test
  • Altometer.
Our Laboratory Equipment :
  • Optical Microscope.
  • Electronic Weighing Balance.
  • MOR Testing Machine ( Green / Fired)
  • Moh’s Hardness Rubber Tester.
  • Water Absorption Test.
  • Special Gravity Test.
  • Plasticity.
  • Viscometer Flow Cup.
  • Hot Air Oven.
  • Hot Plate
  • Sieve Analysis.
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